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Thunder  15:00   Raiders RL

Doncaster  15:00  Town

Cougars  15:00  Crusaders

Knights  15:00  Whitehaven

Bulls  15:00  Stags

Halifax  15:00  Rhinos

Eagles  15:00  Raiders

Lions  15:00  Rovers

Centurions  15:00  Bulldogs

Hornets  15:00  Rams

Safeguarding Children

Everyone in Rugby League wants children to start, stay and succeed in our sport. And for players of all ages to enjoy playing.

Everyone in Rugby League is responsible for the welfare and safety of the children and young people who take part.

The RFL is committed to ensuring the correct policies are adhered to within the game.

The RFL Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy contains the principles which must be adhered to by all clubs in the game to ensure that young people in the game can be healthy and happy, and able to enjoy their sport and to develop as players and individuals.

The RFL Safeguarding team is here to support all clubs to ensure that best practice is followed at all times.

If you wish to report or discuss a concern, or if you have specific queries around Safeguarding or Child Protection, please contact Colette Eden at any time.

All DBS enquiries should be made to Alan Smith.


Colette Eden, Lead Safeguarding Officer
T: 0113 237 5046
M: 07595 520610

In the case of emergencies if Colette is not available you can contact:

Emma Rosewarne, Welfare Director
T: 0113 237 5013
M: 07850 483736

Alan Smith, Community Game Senior Administrator

T: 0113 823 9167