live action...

Trinity  72-10  Hull  FT

Rovers  7-14    FT

Halifax  19-14  Toulouse  FT

Rams  23-20  Bulldogs

Eagles  28-10  Raiders  FT

Centurions  50-24  Lions  FT

Bulls  28-30  Knights  FT

Hunslet  14-30  Doncaster  FT

Oldham  50-6  Crusaders  FT

Whitehaven  28-12  Skolars  FT

Thunder  42-14  Stags

First Aid and Concussion

Emergency First Aid Courses

The RFL offers easy to access courses in Emergency First Aid.

The RFL’s policies on concussion are in place to protect participants in the game.

This page contains information about the Community Game Concussion Policy.

Concussion is caused after a direct or indirect blow to the head which shakes the brain, and if not properly treated can be fatal or lead to long term brain damage.

Concussion is even more serious when the brain is still developing (under the age of 19).

It is essential that everyone involved in the game follows the Concussion Policy to protect the health and well-being of all participants. For more information, please see ths Concussion Section of

If you require any further information about concussion or want to talk to someone about the treatment of concussion at your club, please contact the RFL Operations Department