24th April 2015, 12:45 | slmusic

Stevie Ward's #SuperLeaguemusic

Stevie Ward's #SuperLeaguemusic

What will Stevie Ward be listening to ahead of tonight's clash against Wolves....


Ahead of Leeds Rhinos Round 12 game against Warrington Wolves we asked Stevie Ward six questions about his favourite (and most embarrassing) music: 


1. What was the first single that you bought?

Creed- My Sacrifice 

2. First gig you went to and what are your memories of it?

Linkin Park at MEN arena. Still to this day one of the best I've been to. I remember thinking I could get Into this. 

3. Most embarrassing track in your music collection?

Taylor Swift- Shake it off.

Normally these songs are on the radio enough to get away with as a guilty pleasure but the hook is too good. 

4. If you could be the frontman for any band who would it be?

Nine Inch Nails. They are pretty different. Their live shows have awesome lights and visuals which would make up for me being a terrible frontman. 

5. What music will you be listening to get you in the mood for the game against Warrington?

I have a formula at the minute. Earlier on when I get to the stadium I usually listen to some Rap; Nas, Lupe Fiasco or Kendrick. Then as the game gets closer I start listening to heavier music. You still can't beat Linkin Park on full blast to psych you up. 

6. Who’s your favourite artist on the April Super League playlist? Brandon Flowers, love all the stuff he has done with The Killers. 


Listen the the #SuperLeagueMusic playlist here and vote for your favourite track for a chance to win a bag of goodies courtesy of Shoot Music.