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Trinity  15:00  Hull

Rovers  15:00  

Halifax  15:00  Toulouse

Rams  15:00  Bulldogs

Eagles  15:00  Raiders

Centurions  15:00  Lions

Bulls  15:00  Knights

Hunslet  15:00  Doncaster

Oldham  15:00  Crusaders

Whitehaven  15:00  Skolars

Thunder  15:00  Stags


Starting a new club

New Club Development Guide

The New Club Development Guide has been created as a comprehensive resource to support current university students through the process of establishing a Rugby League club at their university.

This resource is a step-by-step guide which includes an evidence checklist and detailed supporting notes to make the process of setting up a new club as easy as possible.

Establishing a new club can be very fulfilling; you will learn new skills, gain valuable experience and make some great friendships along the away.

The RFL has a dedicated Education team with Regional Education Officers to support and guide you through the process. The team’s contact details can be found on page 16 of this guide.

The New Club Development Guide is broken down into seven easy steps.

The full appendix which includes all document templates required for the supporting evidence section and the guide itself are all located on the right side of this page.