live action...

Thunder  15:00   Raiders RL

Doncaster  15:00  Town

Cougars  15:00  Crusaders

Knights  15:00  Whitehaven

Bulls  15:00  Stags

Halifax  15:00  Rhinos

Eagles  15:00  Raiders

Lions  15:00  Rovers

Centurions  15:00  Bulldogs

Hornets  15:00  Rams



Rugby League is proud to support Reach - a new national campaign from Sports Coach UK.

The Reach campaign is focused on inspiring more women to get into sports coaching.

Reach encourages support for women coaches across sports. The campaigns also provides support to women getting into coaching, so they are fully supported by their sport, so they stay in coaching and stay motivated.

Coaching is about helping people of all ages and abilities to get active, stay active and get better while being active.

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