live action...

Thunder  15:00   Raiders RL

Doncaster  15:00  Town

Cougars  15:00  Crusaders

Knights  15:00  Whitehaven

Bulls  15:00  Stags

Halifax  15:00  Rhinos

Eagles  15:00  Raiders

Lions  15:00  Rovers

Centurions  15:00  Bulldogs

Hornets  15:00  Rams

Coach Licensing

Further guidance for coaches and advice on licensing and DBS checks.

How to register for your licence

Coaches Code of Conduct

In line with the new coach license scheme, all coaches must read and agree to the Code of Conduct for coaches, which can be seen immediately below in PDF format.

Once you have read and accept the terms of the code of conduct, please enter your name and coaching ID number in the boxes below to confirm your acceptance of the Code of Conduct.

This forms an essential part of the licencing criteria. If you are a Level 2 coach, you will not receive an ID card until we have received your acknowledgement of the new Code of Conduct.

Read and sign the Coaches Code of Conduct below.