26th June 2018, 11:40 | super_league

Jake Connor: The Loveable Rogue

Jake Connor: The Loveable Rogue

Jake Connor knows how to cross the line; the try line, the white line, and sometimes a line opposition players don’t appreciate.

For opposition fans he’s the pantomime villain they love to hate, a cliché, but one that describes the 23-year-old perfectly.

His performances in a Hull FC jersey this year have been in-your-face, classy and controversial, it does sound a contradiction, but who can deny him his England call-up?

His England debut showed his undeniable skillset, and most of all his confidence, a confidence that should not be taken away from him by trying to tame the lion.

There’s a line that can be crossed, we’re not talking about the line he walks over to get onto the green grass, but the one he sometimes pushes, boundaries can sometimes be stretched, but there is a limit.

Opposition fans will protest he crosses those lines far too much, after all if he’s winding you up, he must be doing something right…

And if he’s sending a cheeky smile towards one of your players, you know he’s somehow managed to get under their skin, try not to bite too hard!

To Hull FC fans he’s the loveable rogue which they’re surely delighted to have on their side, his performances in black and white have helped spearhead his sides campaign.

As the sport of Rugby League continues to grow, it’s important to recognise that athletes have different personalities.

Just like Wigan Warriors’ boss Shaun Wane said: “We don’t want robots doing the same thing.”