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Inspiring a Generation of Women and Girls

Inspiring a Generation of Women and Girls

Read the new 'Women's Framework' below.

As excitement builds for the start of the 2018 Women's Rugby League competitions, the Rugby Football League is pleased to launch the 'Women and Girls Framework' – bringing together a range of commitments to develop the sport over the next four years.

The Framework features eight major commitments; ranging from supporting clubs with free campaigning and marketing assets, developing young female talent, producing more qualified female Rugby League coaches and growing the number of female players, with the ultimate aim of England Women winning the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

Ralph Rimmer, Interim Chief Executive Officer, the Rugby Football League, said: “The Rugby Football League is committed to growing and supporting the girls’ and women’s game. This Framework brings together all the ways that women are involved in Rugby League – as volunteers, administrators, coaches, supporters and most importantly as players.

"The Framework is the basis for a game-wide campaign which builds on the commitment and dedication of club, school and college volunteers, and will take the sport to the home World Cup in 2021. This new, focused and funded campaign for girl’s and women’s Rugby League is made possible by support from Sport England, community clubs and volunteers, professional clubs and Foundations. 

"Campaigning for girls’ and women’s Rugby League is already showing strong results and I encourage all partners to get in touch with the Participation, Development and Performance team. There’s never been a better time to get involved."

Angela Powers, Sky Sports presenter and founder of Her Rugby League, added: "These are exciting times for the women’s game and it is vital that the energy and enthusiasm shown by players, coaches, volunteers and supporters is allowed to blossom and grow.

"A proper framework within which they can develop is exactly what is needed, and even at this early stage the signs are that the Rugby Football League’s vision and support structure for women and girls is heading in the right direction."

Read the Women's Framework in full below:

 Women's Framework