13th November 2017, 12:49 | masters

Leo the Masters mascot

Leo the Masters mascot

The Great Britain Masters tourists travel this Thursday on their historic first visit to New Zealand and their third visit to Australia. One further member has been added to their number as they take a Mascot on Tour.

The lovely lion Mascot needs a name! Tour coach Martin Fisher's daughter, Sydnie, was asked to come up with a name. So, the Great Britain Masters are joined by LEO the Mascot as they travel down under for what will be another memorable tour.

Games start on Tuesday 21st November at the Masters Festival in Rotorua, New Zealand when Great Britain play club games on the first and second day of the festival followed by games with New Zealand Masters on the Thursday.

The action moves to Sydney with the games with Australia on Sunday 28th at Cabramatta RLC. Club games with Central Coast Bulldogs on Tuesday 28th and Brisbane Old Boys on Thursday 1st December complete the playing itinerary.

The finale is the trip to the Rugby League World Cup Final at the Brisbane Stadium on December 2nd!

LEO will be with the tourists all the way!