1st November 2017, 09:49 | masters

Dads and Lads create more Masters memories!

Dads and Lads create more Masters memories!

West Leeds ARLFC was the venue for a piece of Masters history last weekend. The very first “Dads and Lads” game took place: this was not Dads versus Lads but a single team comprising Masters whose sons are also of Masters age!

The concept was suggested early in 2017 by Masters Steering Group secretary, Martin Flynn, whose eldest son was to have his 35th birthday this year. The invitations were well received and the game was arranged. Masters Dads and Lads arrived from across Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Leading the way was Jim Airnes, who has Heritage number (HN)16 is 82 years of age and in light Blue shorts from Blackpool Masters lining up with red short son Graham. At the younger end of the age range, new Masters Sean Flynn just 35 years of age in mid-October played alongside his Dad, (HN 43) red shorter and Masters referee, Martin.

Dads & Lads 2017

Martin Flynn (Dad) & Sean Flynn (Lad)

The Dads and Lads, in shirts specially commissioned for the game, line up:

Jim and Graham Airnes – Blackpool Masters

Martin and Sean Flynn – Masters SG

Dave (HN2 Gold) and Neil (White) Gavaghan – Blackpool Masters

Paul (HN122 Red) and Ben (White) Ogden – Blackpool Masters

Willie (Gold) and John (White) Reid – West Cumbria Masters

John (Gold) and Karl (White) Penny – Hull Dockers Masters

Brian (HN72 Green) and Simon (Gold) Rishworth – Eastmoor Masters

An invitation team, the Masters Rascals, was selected from several Masters teams including, Leeds, York Lokos, Siddal, Ossett, and Methley.

“A very successful Masters event” was Martin Flynn very understated reaction to the day. “It was excellent to see Masters from far and wide turning up. Everyone has said it has been a wonderful experience and superb game containing the very best of Masters Rugby League”

There are calls for the fixture to become an annual event. No-one disagreed as they went onto have their post-match beer and food.