11th September 2017, 12:56 | masters

Masters Marriage!

Masters Marriage!

Siddal Masters hosted Ossett Masters yesterday and, as always, served up a brilliant game of Masters Rugby League in the very best of Masters spirit.

Dean Crossland, a new Ossett player, who first saw Masters at the game during the Summer Bash, scored a sensational 85-metre try from a perfect pass from Siddal's Mucka Moss.

In what was a perfectly-timed move by both teams to stun the crowd, Dean scored in the last second of the game.

As the teams, in the Masters tradition, formed a circle at the end of the game and heartily cheered each other and of course referee, Simon Edge, a young lady called Carol Watkinson was invited into the circle.

Dean, who is from Barnsley and an official at Sheffield Eagles, produced a splendid ring, went down on one knee and proposed to Carol. Both teams fell silent....... Carol looked Dean in the eye and then reportedly said: "Go on then!"

Hearty cheers went up and everyone hugged and kissed Carol, while Dean struggled to his feet from the kneeling position.

Congratulations to the happy couple from all Masters. A "Masters Marriage" is on the way.... Once again, a day of "Masters Magic!"